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I'm posting just so when people look at my journal they don't see that i'm a failure at calc basically. I'm happy to say I passed with a 78 (not including the final which I got a 86 on!) I also got a 92 on chem and 100 on history but that was a joke anyways.....

So this summer I'm going to Orlando for TSA nationals (technology student association) so that will be fun hopefully. It's going to be so hot though....

And I've become completely obssessed with Arashi in the past months. I watched both Pikanchi movies in one weekend.

I admit though, I was Jun-baited (although Ohno is my favorite <3 <3 <3) along with my mom. I cannot wait until the movie comes out!! And Ohno's drama. July will be an amazing month! My friend also comes back from Korea then so she better have lots of presents for me. :D

I also plan on making a banner soon, I only haven't had one for like 6 months....^^;
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