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Haha I haven't posted in like 6 months....>.

So yeah..........life's been okay. School started on the 29th and I'm still adjusting.

Although I got a 40/100 on my AP Calc test....The average was a 62 and I made a lot of stupid mistakes. I felt bad though because my parents were suuuper disappointed. I'm going to use my remake on it on Tuesday though....

I WANT SJ's ALBUM NOW. I really just want to know what the concept is though. Maybe it's like a huge H.O.T revival or something?? But SJ is so good with pulling off the eternal cute image so why rumors of Yesung with green hair?? Or Kangin being bald and Eeteuk like tri-colored. It makes no sense.

And I love DBSK's Korean songs. Yeo Haeng Gi. <33333
I'm still sad that they're going to miss award season but at least Super Junior will be able to shine...at least, that's what I thought before all of this extreme hair business.
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